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Secrets of a Non-Profit Voyeur

(Reprinted by permission of Valley Business FRONT)

It takes a different mindset to work with this different type of business.  Many of you at one time or another will be asked to be on a board or committee for a non-profit.  Some of you will have for-profit business experience.  Others of you will have no business experience at all; you bring to the party solely the love of the organization's purpose.

Company Policy: How to Avoid the Gathering Thieves at the Office Door

(Reprinted by permission of Blue Ridge Business Journal)

Don't fall asleep behind the wheel of your business.  Use these hints to steer clear of fraud.

Business of Business:  Get Financial Advice

(Reprinted by permission of Blue Ridge Business Journal)

Tips for putting together a financial advisory team.  Focus is on small business, yet applicable to any size or type.