When CPA firms refer us to their clients, it allows them to:

  • Maintain Independence

  • Lower Audit Risk During Client Vacancies and Transitions

  • Have Cleaner Audits

  • Provide Coverage for Long-Term Assignments Without Tying Up Staff

  • Focus on Value-Added Services

Controllers, Etc. does not handle : Tax, Audit, Payroll

Our focus tends to look to management and infrastructure issues.

Follow up is part of our service.


[Culbertson is a] safe recommendation because I don’t have to worry that she will steal the client. It’s very rare to find someone for a temporary accounting position with a comparable level of professional commitment.... Susan can be used for short term, key accounting positions without becoming a threat to the other employees, and can become part of the management team.
— Jim Lee, CPA, Brown Edwards and Company LLP