Surrounded by financials that do not make sense?

With Forensic Accounting, our accountants will turn your box of receipts and statements, into a thoroughly examined business financial report addressing major concerns, cash flow, and other pertinent business information.  Forensic Accounting is ideal for attorneys who are left with chaotic financials that need to be court-ready.  For businesses, this is an ideal service for those who have in-house staff leave and financials are left with no discernible system.

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Saved my client thousands of dollars

“Susan provided excellent quality, and possessed professionalism and efficiency in her work.  Moreover, she allowed us to trace misappropriated funds without incurring the costs of a full-fledged accounting.  Such practicality saved my client thousands of dollars, and streamlined the process.”

— Richard L. Derrico, Partner, Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico

Able to piece together the financial story

“Susan is a detailed professional, skilled in accounting knowledge and audit trails.  Able to piece together the financial story with minimum data or guidance.  Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

— E. Doyle Edgerton, Jr. CEO, Rev.Net Technologies

Able to use her work without objection in court proceedings

“In addition to the attributes of Great Results, Personable and Expertise, I have always received good value, the work was on time.  Susan has always shown high integrity in the handling of matters entrusted to her, and I have been able to use her work without objection in court proceedings in which I was appearing for mutual clients.  Those to whom I've referred her services have always reported high satisfaction with her skills”

— Ross Hart, Esq., Hart & Hart Attorneys Ltd.