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We offer:

  • Budget and audit prep
  • Financial analysis
  • Interview assistance
  • Staff training/orientation assistance
  • Business consulting
  • Financial checkups
  • Advisory responsibilities 

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Her counsel...will continue to be valued

“In preparation of an upcoming external audit, we engaged Ms. Culbertson to help attest to amounts within a balance sheet of a recent acquisition.  We found Ms. Culbertson's approach to be holistic in nature which resulted in not only obtaining an attestation of account balances, but solutions/recommendations that helped fix/address 'root-cause' people issues, paper flow problems and overall physical structure challenges.  Her work was detailed and to point; and throughout the entire engagement, her counsel was and will continue to be valued.”

              — A. Lee Fonacier, CFO,                          Berglund Management Group

Enormous technical experience and ...consultative capabilities

“Not only had [Susan Culbertson] helped us out of an internal accounting difficulty, but she also supplied us with constructive criticism about how to solve our problem in the long run.  I would highly recommend Susan for her enormous technical experience and her consultative capabilities. ”

                — E. H. (Kip) Connelly, CEO                    W. S. Connelly and Co., Inc.

Integrity and respect for confidentiality

Your technical expertise is above par.  I have and will continue to recommend your service to colleagues.  What I find extraordinary in working with you is your integrity and respect for confidentiality, which is of a level I have seldom observed in others fulfilling professional financial and accounting roles.  There was nothing that I questioned trusting you with during your engagements with us.  In fact, you had access to 100% of employee salary data and personnel files during the 2004 engagement.  You were privy to personnel issues, sensitive communications and data, and audit issues, to name just a few of the most sensitive items you worked with.”

         — Dawn Smith-LeMone, CMA, CFM              Controller, TMEIC Corporation and Treasurer, TMEIC Canada Corporation